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Hello Teachers,

With the new laptops given out, you will need to re-install the gradebook ICON on the desktop of your new device. (If an old device is being used where the gradebook ICON already exists, it should work assuming you enter the correct username and password) Back to the new devices, here is a really good video (only 6:40 in length) that steps you through the install launch ICON process. Please cut and paset into your favorite browser .... a problem with GRADEBOOK ATTENDANCE BEING LOOKED INTO...Please take attendance thru Power Teacher


PLEASE REMEMBER: when using the desktop ICON, it is a CAP SENSITIVE process. Also, please remember to select your school from the drop down

NOTE: NEVER save your password when the box pops up asking if you want to

NOTE: (KNOWN ISSUE)Cannot enter attendance on Single-Day attendance page using Microsoft Edge browser. WORKAROUND: Please use another browser